Bonded FTTC for true business-class broadband

Leased Line Performance by Bonding Fibre Broadband

(at a fraction of the cost to your business)

Leased lines are great for business. Guaranteed high speeds for uploads as well as downloads; monitoring tools and service level agreements to keep you online. And most important – the real possibility to move communications and computing onto the cloud.

Most IT managers of SMEs are sold on the benefits, but really struggle with the risks – long lead times (3 months or often more), unexpected construction costs, relatively high monthly pricing and long fixed contracts.

We’ve just introduced a great alternative to leased lines – resilience and high performance like a leased lines but without the wait, the risk and the cost.

If you’re outgrowing your ‘superfast fibre broadband’ – especially its upload speed – you may be interested in knowing more about Bonded FTTC from Cerberus.


  • Speeds of up to 280Mbps down and 80Mbps up
    • For extremely fast download and upload speeds.
  • Delivered over bonded FTTC lines
    • Inherently resilient and a fraction of the cost of dedicated fibre leased lines but with equivalent performance.
  • 15 working day lead time
    • Quick and predictable to provision.
  • 24x7 monitoring and customer support
    • Fix problems quickly and minimise the impact on your business.
  • NetSTATS monitoring tools
    • Monitoring and alerting provides better understanding of whether the service is being used efficiently and automatically logs a support case with our helpdesk in the event of problems.

There are lots of ways to solve internet connectivity problems using bonded FTTC. Here are some typical uses:

Long Lines – FTTC not so fast?

Street CabinetIf you’ve looked into getting Fibre broadband and the speeds are way off the headline 80Mbs speed, that may be because of ‘long lines’. FTTC services always offer higher bandwidth than traditional copper ADSL services, but FTTC speed still depends on the length of the copper line to the street cabinet.

For these long lines, bonded FTTC offers a great solution, giving businesses the extra bandwidth they need but without having to trade up to an expensive leased line. Often in these areas, a leased line would be prohibitively expensive, meaning that moves to VoIP or cloud computing are just not possible.


Interim ConnectivityLong Wait for Your Leased Line Installation?

Sometimes a company needs to get a high bandwidth service delivered quickly. With leased lines taking at least 3 months, and often more, to install, the options are limited. Bonded FTTC can be a viable alternative in these situations, with a service (including the associated phone lines) installed and operational typically within 15 days.

Wide Area NetworksMore Flexibility for Multiple Locations

Bonded FTTC is a valuable addition to the wide range of connectivity products that can be used to create a secure wide area network. It is rare for remote locations to all be the same size and smaller branch offices have been poorly served by the ‘one size fits all’ approach of big network operators. Where a site needs fast reliable connectivity to the rest of the network, bonded FTTC offers something different – but without the high costs and long lead times of Ethernet circuits.

Next StepsCheck if you can get bonded FTTC

To check immediately if bonded FTTC is available in your area, go to the product page for Cerberus X2 and X4 Bonded FTTC Services on our main site.

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