Cerberus refreshes MyCloud Connect service portfolio

In order to realise the full benefits of Cloud services and Voice over IP it is essential to choose the right connectivity for your organisation. With a wide range of different technologies available, it can be hard to make sense of the varying service level guarantees and bandwidth limitations that each offers.

Cerberus Networks has led the way in providing cost-effective private, managed wide area networks that allow businesses to re-think how they work. Our ‘ground up’ approach eliminates many of the barriers of location that can prevent a more flexible and rational approach to situating and managing essential business services.

This is why Cerberus has refreshed the MyCloud Connect suite of products as a core part of our MyCloud concept to support the latest connectivity services such as Ethernet FTTC and EFM, as well as bonded and single-line broadband as well as offering increased flexibility in how to deploy security services and backup connectivity.

Cloud Connect means that your connectivity reaches your hosted services, SIP platform and your private network first – over private managed connections – without ever touching the public Internet. By eliminating many of the moving parts between you and your services, Cloud Connect boosts reliability and hugely simplifies network design, resulting in dramatically reduced latency and streamlined security management.

Find out about Cerberus latest line-up of MyCloud Connectivity services.

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