For the second year, Cerberus Networks is taking part in the Veganuary Workplace Challenge. Joining many other leading companies and organisations such as Volkswagen Group UK, Sky, Superdrug, Papa John’s, NHS Supply Chain and Harrods, Cerberus Networks is excited to be taking part in a positive project for health, the environment and animal welfare.

In joining the Veganuary Workplace Challenge, we are asking our staff to try a plant-based diet for 31 days. This gives our team an opportunity to try out new meal ideas, to hear from the experience of colleagues already on a mainly or completely plant-based diet and to learn about some of the reasons why more plant-based diets are an important tool in dealing with many important environmental issues such as the climate and ecological emergency.

Cerberus is also keen encourage a healthy lifestyle among its team. Plant-based diets have proven health benefits, including increased energy levels, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and it also helps to combat weight gain.

It’s the most environmentally friendly diet too. It has been calculated that one person eating a vegan diet for a month will save 124,900 litres of water, 84 square metres of forest and 273 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide emissions (better than giving up a car for a month). And while at Cerberus, we are proud of the steps that we are taking to make the business net zero, we are also aware that sustainability is about much more than where we source our electricity, our car fleet and our carbon offsetting programmes. Animal agriculture is responsible for more than 15% of global carbon emissions and over 80% of deforestation, and any solution to the climate crisis requires a significant change in diet, especially in the global north. As an organisation, we want to be part of solving this challenge.

This is the second year running that Cerberus has run a Veganuary programme and this year has been even more successful than last year with 20% more people than last year, now almost half the company, taking part. The focus of this year’s programme at Cerberus is to help individuals find simple, cost-effective and satisfying alternatives to animal products including both all the new innovative meat replacement products but also looking at whole-food alternatives that both more sustainable and highly nutritious, so the highly informative and practical information from the team at Veganuary is proving invaluable.

We are pleased to be taking part in this very positive and engaging project and are excited to be part of its growing success.



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