Imagine working anywhere, anytime. Your resources at your fingertips to create, share and make things happen. Customers can reach you when they need you. Your suppliers can back you up when you need them due to the tools you have with you; wherever you are.

The idea that location and equipment are tied together is a thing of the past. As businesses are learning, they can be wherever their people are, not just where the office is. Beyond remote working, this is the truly distributed team.

Even connectivity is now flexible in where it can be, so why limit yourself and your business? Flooding and extreme weather events are increasing across the country each year. Covid19 is challenging businesses to operate and interact with customers and suppliers in new ways.

Bringing your business together and allowing it to stretch and be flexible is a powerful strategy for building efficiency, productivity and resilience.

Phone clients that give free calls on mobiles and laptops. Make and take calls no matter where you are at no cost.

Instant message and share content with colleagues, no matter where they are working.

Host your services in a secure, high-bandwidth data centre. Low cost, flexible and allows everyone to reach what they need easily and quickly.

Connectivity to get to what you need is flexible and cost effective. Talk to us about multiple connections across your town, city or the country, all part of a secure managed network. Our team are always happy to work with you to design your unique way of doing business.

Secure connectivity, hosting, phone calls and linking your employee locations together doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive. You can phase it in or move with fast changing scenarios. Whatever your challenge we are here to help and support your ambitions.

Cerberus Networks has been transforming businesses since 2006. Call us on 0345 257 1333 and we’ll be happy to help you do the same.

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