Hybrid working is now a reality for business. With this once in a generation shift of working patterns comes a new wave of security risks and management challenges. While many companies’ IT infrastructure has adapted to cope following Covid lockdowns, the question of whether it is secure enough to cope with a distributed workforce can only be addressed with data, something that most IT managers still don’t have. It is not just security, the same applies to productivity and collaborative working, to connectivity and the question of whether to maintain physical servers or to move to the cloud. Every area of the network is affected by these changes.

To fully embrace the benefits of hybrid working, we need to accept change – and the speed of change is increasing all the time.

Are you facing the challenges below?

  • Making sure that remote workers have access to the same tools and resources as those who work onsite.
  • Protection of confidential information when it is being used and stored outside the office network.
  • Maintaining clear and effective communication between remote and on-site employees can be difficult.
  • Protecting staff from cyber attacks
  • Ensuring that staff can access office resources such as meeting rooms and telephony effectively, even when using home broadband.

Of course, it’s important to consider all these challenges being an employer but ensuring that remote employees have access to the same technology and resources as on-site employees can be a challenge for people working from a rural location, for example. For many employers, hybrid working is a real time issue to be dealt with as it affects day to day activities, delaying meetings or slowing people down.

At Cerberus Networks, we believe in taking a holistic view of the problem. This means looking systemically at how your organization operates, what the needs of the users are, and how best they can be served while ensuring that all operations remain secure and continue to work as efficiently as possible.

To seamlessly connect your team across various settings and locations so they can work dependably, safely, and effectively MyCloud Constellation brings together all the relevant technologies as a suite of integrated products. Our nationwide reach and business transformation expertise provide you with peace of mind and support around-the-clock with our secure voice solutions, market-leading Internet services, security solutions, and remote assistance.

Our team has many years of experience and expertise working across Internet services, communications, cloud, IT systems and network security. Having a single provider bring all these threads together into a coherent approach means that you get a truly joined-up network.

The MyCloud Constellation Toolkit includes the following:

MyCloud ComputingHosted computing for SMEs and Enterprises
MyCloud Online BackupCost-effective and service backup software and storage
MyCloud PBXHosted telephony for mid-size and larger enterprises
Cerberus HorizonHosted telephony for small enterprises
MyCloud Hosted FirewallHosted network security with AV, web content filtering and IPS
MyCloud IP VPNFlexible Private Wide Area Network delivered over ADSL to 10Gig Ethernet
Microsoft 365Industry-leading productivity and communications software suite
Management & MonitoringVisibility and control of servers, desktops and laptops wherever they are
Endpoint SecurityPowerful and robust security software for servers, desktops and mobile
Cerberus IT SupportFully managed or flexible support programmes

The world has changed. Have you?
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