The business benefits of collaboration are undisputed. But unified comms is much more than collaboration. It is an integrated, intuitive capability for your business that reflects the modern communication demands of 2019.

Unified comms is not one product. It is multiple modes of communication integrated to provide a superior solution. Unified communications offer the modern tools that organisations need to stay in touch with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners, making doing business with you easy.
When choosing the right provider to support your business needs, it is important to grasp the standard offering of unified comms and ensure you get the best value for money.

Unified communications refer to both real-time and non-real-time delivery of communications based on the preferred method and location of the recipient. From simple presence, letting you know in real-time where your colleagues are and if they are free or busy, to telephony integrated with your contact and email system for messaging, through to full multi-user video conferences with both internal and external attendees – unified comms has powerful capabilities.
What should you expect?

  • Call control and multimodal communications
  • Conferencing (audio, web and video)
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Unified messaging
  • Presence
  • Speech access and personal assistant
  • Collaboration tools
  • Mobility
  • Business process integration (BPI)

Unified comms provides a superior experience for your teams, staff and the wider audience. For example, when an employee receives a call from a customer needing further, immediate support, unified comms enables said employee to call and add an expert from a real-time list. How many times do customers get frustrated waiting for call backs and not being able to obtain what they need, when they need it? Presence not only provides real-time availability but identifies skills and capability, thus improving the customer experience and sharpening your offering.

Infinite information is available from one platform, connecting all devices. The experience isn’t just tidy, it unlocks revenue opportunities and transforms your business communications.
MyCloud Unified Communications from Cerberus Networks provides advanced communications, collaboration and messaging for your business. Its integrated suite of tools is easy to use and SIP telephony is the perfect business communications solution to connect your colleagues and teams – whether they are in the office or not.

  • Presence status information
  • Instant messaging
  • Click-to-start internal voice and video conferencing
  • External video conferencing with web gateway
  • Full-featured SIP-enabled PBX

The way we communicate and do business has dramatically evolved. Modern organisations need to stay in touch more effectively than ever. Failure to connect can result in loss of business and inadequate customer care. Unified comms reflects this demand and provides a powerful array of communications, ensuring you get the best from your teams and customers receive the very best care.
Cerberus Networks provide business solutions and expertise in internet services, hosting, IT systems and security.

Established in 2006, our team has many years of experience and expertise in Internet services, hosting, IT systems and security. We are committed to bringing new and innovative services to market and invest in our organisation to ensure we deliver the highest levels of service at all times for you the customer.

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