Modern business has embraced the power and flexibility of the cloud. It offers unmatched convenience and scalability, but security challenges abound when using online systems. Protecting your sensitive data is vital, ensuring your business integrity and customer trust. Here are some crucial security measures every business should consider improving their security posture.

1. Identity and Access Management Tools

Start by adopting a siloed approach to Identity and Access Management (IAM). This means structuring user permissions and organisational accounts based on job functions. It embraces the principle of least privilege, granting users access only to the resources necessary for their roles. In case of a breach or compromised credentials, this approach confines the threat to a limited scope.

2. Encryption and Firewalls

Secure your data by encrypting it in transit and at rest whenever possible. Employ TLS/SSL for encrypted communications and server-side encryption and utilise firewall and network Access Control List (ACL) features to control communications within your network. VPN connections are crucial for remote workers, ensuring they access company resources securely, even from home or public WiFi.

3. Configuration Management

Leverage cloud configuration management tools to maintain and monitor the state of your configuration. These tools can notify you of changes and facilitate restoring configurations to their intended state.

4. Password Policies

Enforce robust password policies requiring complex passwords that are not reused across multiple platforms or consider using a password management application for users. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security. An email address and compromised password alone should never grant access to an employee’s user account.

5. Private and Hybrid Cloud

For highly sensitive data like financial or health records, consider maintaining a private cloud infrastructure on your network. Ensure encrypted communication between this data store and other cloud services, creating a “hybrid cloud” architecture. Companies such as Cerberus Networks are experts at deploying this kind of segmented network, where each part of the network can be secured separately using VLANs and security policies to filter traffic.

6. Threat Detection, Monitoring, and Alerting

Invest in threat detection solutions. Detect and respond to potential threats early, such as brute force password attacks or the use of compromised credentials. Security platforms from vendors such as Fortinet and Webroot like continuously monitor your network for unusual activity and potential threats.

7. Log Aggregation and Analysis

To aid auditing and incident analysis, store application, network, and server logs in a central, tamper-proof location, that is not accessible from the rest of the network. Advanced reporting tools are available from Fortinet and log management tools can provide in-depth data analysis and insights.

8. Regular Patches and Maintenance

Stay updated with patches to minimise the risk of emerging threats to server software. Configure automatic vulnerability scans to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities promptly. Cerberus Networks uses a combination of tools to automate and report on patching and software updates, together with routine security audits to uncover outdated processes, compromised passwords, and other security risks.

At Cerberus Networks, we specialise in providing top-tier network security solutions to safeguard your data, your business, and the trust of your customers. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in implementing the critical security measures necessary for a robust and secure network infrastructure. We understand the intricacies of securing a network connected to cloud resources and can help you navigate the challenges that come with this.

Don’t leave your cloud security to chance. Contact Cerberus Networks today to ensure that your business is fortified against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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