Phone fraud is big business. Unfortunately, in almost all cases the business hacked is legally obliged to pay for all of the fraudulent calls, which can cost thousands of pounds in just a few hours.

As with any technology, you cannot guarantee a determined hacker will not break into your IP phone system, but you certainly can make it hard for them.

The Problem

Cyber security is paramount for all businesses. It is not just larger corporations that are at risk, the SME market is routinely attacked due to the sheer number of targets. So great is the threat that the National Cyber Security Centre has written a small business guide to target the widespread problem. Failure to act can leave sensitive data vulnerable and lead to further complications if you are breached, by way of fines and reputational damages. Businesses pitching for lucrative contracts will require cyber security accreditations and your existing customers will want to know that you take their protection seriously.

The Cure

It is not all bad news. By simply taking some time to secure your IP phone networks you can save money in the long-run and limit your exposure.

Session Border Controller (SBC)
A secure session border controller is a network element deployed to protect and control access to SIP and VoIP networks.  Additionally, an SBC often enhances performance and offers interoperability with other comms services. All MyCloud PBX services include a secure SBC as a standard part of the network infrastructure used to deliver VoIP services.

Encrypted VPN connection
VPN technology was created to allow remote users and office staff to access corporate applications and resources. Encrypted VPN connection secures the VoIP network and protects the traffic between your hosted VoIP system and your office handsets.

Fraud Prevention
This option immediately limits your exposure to fraud. All Cerberus VoIP customers benefit from bespoke call volume limits that restrict outbound calls when the threshold of calling minutes is reached in a specified timeframe. With fraud alerts, any suspicious activity is immediately detected and allowing administrators to identify the source of the security breach and quickly rememdy it.

Geographical limiting
A typical VoIP fraud involves setting up fraudulent call forwarding to premium rate numbers outside the UK. Certain destinations are well-known as high-risk dialling codes. You can limit your liability to fraud by excluding high-risk dialling codes and place bespoke geographical limits on your system. Many businesses will not need to make cals to these destinations so putting these measures in place is a simple and non-disruptive way to lower fraud risk.

Call Type limiting
This feature allows you to block calls to premium rate number ranges, meaning your phone bills remain in their typical range. Calls to premium rate numbers, while not necessarily VoIP fraud, is still unauthorised use of company systems and can still result in high bills.

Policies that govern access
In the same way that you have the appropriate security policies for internet access or your building, it is prudent to create policies that govern use and access to your phone network. Issue users with said policies as well as best practice advice. Discussing security and creating an awareness culture helps to combat cybercrime.

The Best Option

Securing your IP phone network can’t wait. Choosing a provider who cares about security as much as you do and provides a solution with built-in fraud prevention will protect your business. It will also send an important message to staff and clients that you take security seriously.

Cerberus Networks provide business solutions and expertise in internet services, hosting, IT systems and security. Our managed, cloud-based phone system, MyCloudPBX assesses the risk of fraud to your business head-on with powerful protection:

  • MyCloudPBX is secure, only allowing calls from known and trusted locations – such as your office.
  • Office handsets access MyCloudPBX over an encrypted IPSec VPN connection
  • MyCloudPBX will enforce daily and weekly call-spend limits – continually limiting your exposure to fraud.
  • Free fraud alerts keep you informed of any suspicious call activity

Our fraud protection service is included as standard, providing peace of mind for your business. Should you be the victim of a fraudulent attack you know that your liability for any fraudulent calls will be strictly limited by our fraud protection service.

To discuss fraud prevention for your IP phone system, please get in touch with one of the Cerberus team.

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