In today’s fast-paced business world, a seamless and cost-effective communication system is paramount for success. Outdated phone systems not only hinder productivity but also come with high expenses. Enter VoIP services – a revolutionary technology that has taken the market by storm, transforming the way businesses communicate.

Embracing VoIP for Enhanced Productivity:

VoIP technology has become a game-changer, empowering employees to work flexibly from any location. With integrated applications like video conferencing and instant messaging, all powered by an internet connection, businesses can reap instant cost savings while boosting efficiency.

Key Benefits of a Single Provider:

Simplified Management

Having a single provider for both internet connectivity and phone calls streamlines operations, ensuring prioritized traffic across the network. These guarantees call quality and minimizes the risk of missed customer calls, while reducing resolution times during troubleshooting.

Hassle-free Billing

Billing becomes effortless, with pricing based on the number of concurrent calls or channels available. From small businesses to larger enterprises, customisable packages cater to varying user needs.

Inclusive Features

The rental price includes a host of features, from a hosted PBX and SIP rental to 24/7 technical support, management assistance, and fraud protection. Additionally, reduced call costs add to the overall cost-effectiveness.

Reliable Connectivity

With business-grade broadband services like ultrafast FTTP and Gfast, businesses can rely on massive bandwidth for both voice and data. These services offer enhanced reliability compared to legacy broadband connections.

Introducing MyCloudPBX: Elevate Your Communications

Our managed, cloud-based phone system, MyCloudPBX, takes business telephony to new heights. Empowering you to cut costs while upgrading communication capabilities, MyCloudPBX offers an extensive array of services to suit your business needs:

  • Extension with DDI, voicemail, and music on hold
  • Hunt Groups for efficient call distribution
  • Auto-attendants for guiding callers to the right destination
  • Conference calling with WebMeeting and RTC
  • Automated call recording and voicemail delivery by email
  • Integration with Outlook for seamless call management
  • Presence, Chat, and WebMeeting functions on softphones
  • Automated provisioning of handsets and softphones
  • Inbound Fax Server, call logs, and built-in reporting

Upgrade Your Business Communication with Cerberus Networks

When it comes to telecommunication decisions, cost, control, and flexibility are crucial considerations. At Cerberus Networks, we understand the importance of a reliable and robust communication system. As a 3CX partner, we offer a wide range of business solutions, from internet services and hosting to IT systems and security.

Don’t wait to elevate your communication! Get in touch with our expert team at Cerberus Networks to explore the limitless possibilities for your business.

Contact us today to revolutionise your business communication!

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