More and more businesses are using Microsoft 365, but how many have thought about protecting the data that is stored there?

Should companies keep a separate backup of the information stored in the cloud?

Read more to find out why the importance of robust data backups hasn’t changed in the era of cloud-based applications…

Microsoft 365, previously called Office 365, is a widely used cloud-based productivity suite, employed by countless organisations worldwide. Despite the array of collaboration and communication tools it offers, it’s crucial to acknowledge that data stored in the cloud remains susceptible to loss or corruption. This is where the MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365 comes in.

The Need for Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft provides robust infrastructure and security measures to protect your data within Microsoft 365, but this doesn’t mean you can completely rely on it for data backup. Data loss can occur for various reasons, such as accidental deletion, malicious attacks, software glitches, or even intentional data tampering. Without a comprehensive backup solution, recovering lost data can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Introducing MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365

Cerberus Networks, a leading provider of IT management and security solutions, offers the MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365 service to help businesses secure their Microsoft 365 data. This service is designed to meet the specific needs of organisations that want to maintain control over their data and ensure its safety. Here are some key features of MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365:

1. Automated Data Protection: The service automatically backs up Microsoft 365 data, including emails, documents, calendars, and contacts, at regular intervals. This minimises the risk of data loss.

2. Granular Recovery: In the event of data loss, MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365 allows for granular recovery of individual items, making it easy to restore only the necessary data, saving time and resources.

3. Secure Storage: Backups are securely stored in data centres with encryption, ensuring that your data remains private and protected from unauthorised access.

4. Compliance and Governance: MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365 helps you meet compliance requirements by retaining data according to your organisation’s policies and regulations.

5. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface makes it easy for IT administrators to set up and manage backups without needing extensive technical expertise.

Why Choose MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365?

When it comes to implementing backup for your organisation, it’s essential to choose a trusted partner who can provide seamless integration, reliable support, and expertise in managing the service.

Cerberus Networks is a trusted IT solutions provider with a track record of helping businesses protect their data, ensure business continuity, and streamline IT operations. When you choose Cerberus Networks, you benefit from:

1. Expertise: Cerberus Networks has a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in deploying and managing backup solutions.

2. Customised Solutions: Cerberus Networks understands that every organisation is unique. We work with you to tailor MyCloud Online Backup for Microsoft 365 to your specific needs and requirements.

3. Reliable Support: Cerberus Networks offers ongoing support and assistance to ensure that your backups are functioning optimally and that you’re prepared for any data recovery scenarios.

4. Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing models, ensuring that you get top-notch data protection without breaking the bank.

With our expertise and experience, you can rest easy knowing that your critical data is secure and can be easily restored in the event of data loss.

Contact us today to discuss backing up your Microsoft 365 data and ensuring the continuity of your business operations.

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